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Engine/Drive Train Conversions

One way to make your car faster is to fit it with a bigger more powerful BMW engine. At Schneller we specialize in transplanting the larger, more powerful BMW power plants into the smaller and lighter chassis BMW cars. We've converted over 40 vehicles since 1994. We've built cars that the factory didn't, including the 360HP e30 M335, numerous 300HP e30 M330i's, a 360HP 6 speed manual e32 M7, a V8 powered 300HP e30 340i, a 300HP e28 530i, a 300HP e36 318ti, and an e34 M5 Touring Wagon conversion. Due to the more complex electronic systems and emissions standards of the newer BMWs, older vehicles are easier to convert than the current models. However, almost anything is possible. Call us to discuss your ideas.

Here are some of our noteworthy conversions...

Schneller M335


Schneller M330i... 1986 BMW 325es powered by a 300HP S52 M3 engine.

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Welcome to Schneller.

Schneller has been tuning & servicing BMWs  since 1992.

26 Middle Road
Newbury, MA 01951
Phone: (978) 465-2002


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