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54 Item Inspection

If you're a first time customer at Schneller, or a return customer who hasn't been at the shop for over 3 months, you'll automatically receive a free 54 Item Vehicle Inspection. So whether you're in for a major service, or just an oil change, you can be confident that your car was carefully looked over by a trained eye.

We've essentially taken our pre track Tech & Safety inspection that we use to assess our race cars, and incorporated it with some modification, into our general service business. The inspection provides us with a complete assessment of your vehicle from both a mechanical & electrical perspective. This comprehensive over view forces us to look beyond what you brought the car in for & peer into the future for developing problems. The process virtually eliminates surprise repairs & breakdowns. It's been so effective within our race program, that one car actually completed 40 races without any mechanical issues, because they were all uncovered & addressed before each event. Incredibly, few repair facilities use this approach. It's similar to preventive healthcare versus wait until you're really sick care. We want to keep your care healthy! Our Vehicle Inspection Program keeps our customer's cars reliable, and ahead of the repair curve.


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