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Performance Gearing

What can a gearing change do for you? Without getting too technical, imagine if you had two cyclists that were identical twins and therefore produced the same amount of ``leg power". Now let's enter these two in a short drag race. However, we'll start one cyclist off in 10th gear & the other in 5th. Who will win? The cyclist starting off in 5th has a lighter gearing load & will accelerate quicker winning the short drag race. However, given enough time, the cyclist using 10th gear will slowly catch up and pass the rider in 5th gear who's pedaling as fast as he can, but is limited by 5th gear's lower top speed. (This rider's legs are actually at "redline" & not able to produce any additional forward thrust). Selecting a final drive depends on your performance goal. You might want a final drive for more acceleration which sometimes sacrifices top end speed. This may not be the case if done carefully. Here's a real world example:

  • Let us choose a very non-aerodynamic BMW, an `88 535 (it's almost a brick by today's standards). If you did the math, this BMW should in theory go 175mph with its 3.25 rear end gearing. In reality an `88 535 will top out at about 130mph, even though the engine hasn't hit its rev limiter at redline. Why? The `88 535 doesn't have the horsepower, nor the aerodynamics, to overcome wind resistance & propel itself to that speed. However, if we reduce the gearing load by installing a 3.91 rear axle ratio, this same car will actually accelerate faster & realize a top speed of 145mph.

This is what final drive tuning can do for a car.

We offer a range of gearing options for various models old and new. In some instances we can provide you with a clean, inspected, quality used final drive with an attractive gear ratio at a reasonable cost. But if you prefer, custom built rear ends are also available. Each car and driver is different. Call us for details about your specific application & performance objectives.


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