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Suspension & Handling

At Schneller we take a balanced approach to designing a suspension for our customers. Handling should match and compliment the power of the vehicle, yet not make the car unbearable to drive.

Before altering your suspension, you need to ask the question why? Is it because you primarily want a different look? Do you want to upgrade the handling of your BMW? Or do you simply want to replace worn out components and restore the stock ride of your vehicle.

It's easy to end up with the wrong suspension given the primary use of your car. Something that works well at the club driver school or autocross may not be the best for commuting on the bumpy streets of Boston. Call us and we'll help you design a suspension that will fit your needs, and not just sell you the one that happens to be on sale this week.


Welcome to Schneller.

Schneller has been tuning & servicing BMWs  since 1992.

26 Middle Road
Newbury, MA 01951
Phone: (978) 465-2002


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